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1. For her: You think you can't pull it off, but you can. Today is your day. Your dress can be as extravagant or as simple as YOU want it to be. Get sheik with a dress that is fitted through the hips. You can be the girl you see in Vogue, InStyle, and Cosmo. If that's not your thing, get sweet and classy with a sweetheart neckline and huge skirt. If you want to feel like a princess, look like one! Don't settle with something safe, it is your time to shine. 
2. For him: As much as this day is about your girl, she wants you to feel awesome too. That is what will make HER happy. So, go for it. Go all out with some Ascots and argyle socks. Get fancy and fun with a cumber bun and bow tie. Personally, I love the hipster look with suspenders and either slip ons or penny loafers. Make it you, but make it you with a little gumption. 
3. To wear: Spruce up your doo with a a diamond filed hair comb, perfect your neckline with a delicate diamond pendant, frame your flawless face with earrings that nearly touch your shoulders.
4. To eat: The cake not only tastes delicious at the end of your day full of family and romance, but looks incredible. Go tall and simple with a seven layered white tower cake, go short a extravagant with floral detail on a three layered square cake. Go for an expression of you, whether it's elegant, decadent, vintage, or high class, go all out. 
5. To eat on: It's one of those things you don't have to think long about, but could potentially set your reception apart. The tableware you use brings a special flare to the decor, so compliment the feel you already have going with the style and color and then move on ahead to the next item of business. 
6. To look at and to smell: Your flowers are an essential to your wedding day. They're the cherry on top of a sundae. In trying to decide which flowers to go with, consider your dress and your bridesmaid's dresses. Think of a flower that is significant to you. 
7. To keep for later: Create name cards for your guests, design large posters to personalize your reception, keep the style consistent with your programs and schedules. We love to get shots of these, because they make your wedding specific to you.
8. To center your table: Whether your reception table is round or rectangular center it with a lamp chandelier or elaborate flowers. Put candles in lanterns or wine corks in mason jars. Have fun with it. 
9. To leave with your bridal party: Brides, get your girls something unique. We all have enough necklaces and bracelets from weddings passed. Get creative with a coupon for a "free date with the new bride" to catch up on life post-honeymoon. Go thoughtful with a picture and a poem to represent your friendship. Go chic with a pair of killer pumps. Whatever you do, make it different. Groom, get your guys something practical. Your creative could be a day at the driving range, post-honeymoon for some man time. Your thoughtful could be a custom engraved pipe for each of the guys. Rather than going chic, go fun with tickets to the next big game. You're not bound by what's already been done. 
10. To top it off: of course include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

In all of this, we love what you put into your day. The decisions you make the visions you have. We get to capture {the little things} that tie it all together. Keep it consistent and keep it personal. Choose a style that is you and that is the very best version of you. You'll remember your day by the memories you make and the pictures we take, so we'll capture what you create and you'll never forget. 

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{HAPPY BIRTHDAY} to me - {HAPPY WEDDING DAY} to Carolyn & Brian | love stories This last week was a BLUR. A week packed full of birthday parties, long nights with Gavin not sleeping great, work, and of course Melissa doing a little something awesome it seemed like every day to help me celebrate my birthday week. If you don't know about Melissamakah (and Milesmakah) you should ask sometime. It's a bit ridiculous.  Anyway, as the end of the week rolled around I geared up for Saturday's wedding on my birthday excited of course for Carolyn and Brian's big day - though if I'm honest pouting a bit about working on my birthday while Melissa and Gavin took the day to hang out.  The minute Laura and I showed up all of that went right away.  This couple is so laid back and so sweet it must have been easy for me to forget how great this wedding was likely to be.  From the moment we I walked in and Carolyn gave me my birthday hat I was pretty sure we were going to have a blast.

On task and on time all day, par for the course with Carolyn, we had more than enough time scheduled in for EVERYTHING they wanted.  We started hair and makeup at the Garden Room in the bridal suite with a team full of stylists and makeup artists, moms, family members and friends in and out all morning.  By noon the flowers had arrived, the details were shot, and we were well on our way to getting Carolyn all ready for the big day.

The rest went quick, except for a few important moments. Right before the first look Aaron - one of our favorite videographers, grabbed Brian to ask him a few quick questions about how we was feeling. As if we'd all forgotten why we were there except for him, Brian got quiet, calm, and smiled. He simply forgot to say all the cheesy taglines guys use over and over to express themselves and instead went right to the heart. I swear I saw Laura tear up, and all three of us were a bit at a loss for words with how sweet this guy's heart is for his now wife.

A few minutes later she walked up behind him and the day picked up again. His hand instantly to his mouth as he turned to see her their couples photos were nothing short of sweet as we stood back and just let things unwind.  The ceremony itself was less that 7 or 8 minutes, or so it seemed. Short and sweet and off to a delicious dinner getting the crowd ready to dance late into the night.

This was a perfectly Carolyn & Brian wedding filled with all the important people.  Thanks you two! If you're reading this RIGHT NOW you need to get back to Hawaii and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon! {miles}

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{OVER THE TOP} love stories | Lisa & Andrew
The two together are quirky and funny.  They do everything right cuddling, holding hands, complimenting each other, and being so full of fun and excitement about their big day. We started the day off at the Embassy Suites in Rogers where the reception was being set up downstairs.  One of our favorite wedding planners, Amy Bates ( was putting together an incredible vision filled with flowers from Shirly's and BEAUTIFUL paper goods from Amy Hannon.

We had a blast with these two and their classic, elegant style.  Lisa and Andrew, we hope this post finds you a few days into your honeymoon in Hawaii having the time of your lives! THANK YOU! {miles}

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TIMEOUT {randomness}
Let's keep this short and sweet. Anybody who's married knows your spouse secretly loves driving you nuts. I know Melissa didn't do this on purpose, BUT somewhere deep down she is going to love knowing that it's making me lose my mind. Last week she baked the best cookies I've ever tasted - I think they were peanut butter, oatmeal, Reeces Pieces or something wonderful. Anyway being somewhat health conscious she only baked half the batch and froze the other half. The problem is EVERY TIME I open the freezer amidst somewhat healthy options for meals and snacks is this rock hard, completely unsnackable, delicious brick of cookie dough.  I've tried breaking off pieces, I've tried sneaking little spoonfuls. It's literally a brick and I can't break it.  It may be a first world problem, but it's a REAL problem right now.

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{IT'S ABOUT TIME} love stories | Kristy & Sean I can definitely say that I learned two things this last weekend. 1 : the summer heat is here EARLY.  I am pretty sure we all burned off more than just a couple cheeseburgers during this wedding. Normally this would have inspired me to get the biggest slice of cake I could find, BUT we were too busy out on the dance floor for cake on this one... 

2 : Ascots are possibly more awesome than ever. I know it's crazy but in all of the weddings we've shot I've NEVER seen a group of groomsmen wear Ascots. Truth be told I only new what they were from old Esquire and GQ articles that I somehow managed to absorb in airports here and there. (I can't fly without good magazines.)

It's been a few years since we've been out to Bell Gable, a charming little (tiny to be honest) chapel in Fayetteville.  Our weddings have outgrown the number of seats the chapel holds for the most part, BUT when Kristy and Sean decided they wanted to use the chapel as a backdrop to their vows we were pretty excited at the chance to shoot such a beautiful venue again.

Kristy and Sean ran into me at a wedding a few years back.  They weren't engaged yet, but poor Sean was already getting pressure from all of Kristy's girlfriends to get that ring bought.  Evidently long before I had the pleasure to know both of them they'd been well known for being "perfect" for each other. Sean - like any smart guy was patient with the ring. (side note, after knowing Sean a little better I think he found it kind of funny that Kristy was basically HANDED the bouquet at the wedding we met at)  Anyway, fast forward a few years and a few more friends weddings that we've all hung out at and here we are.

You'd be hard pressed to find a couple more comfortable around eachother. They spent their days mostly apart of course but from the time Sean walked up behind Kristy for the first look, until we hugged them both goodbye hours and hours later I'm not sure they were ever really apart.  The wedding was beautiful, full of tastefully simple details.  The nice part of having a wedding at Bell Gable is that there's simply very little to do that would even be noticed against the backdrop of the venue itself.  One of our favorite florists ( pulled together some beautiful floral work and the rest was really left up to Bell Gable.

Such a fun day with these two as they tied a long awaited knot - and the reception was the perfect period to the day. Simple, tasteful food, delicious (looking) cake, (I'm still bitter about that one), and plenty of dancing and fun with a huge group of friends and family.  Thanks and Congrats to Kristy and Sean! {miles}

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UNDER MY UMBRELLA | {love stories} | Becca & Josh Rebecca is the type of girl who has the uncanny ability to make the people around her smile.  Light hearted, and quick witted she found a match to keep her on her toes with Josh.  These two are a constant joke with eachother - full of quick outbursts of dancing, inside jokes, and little quiet moments when they don't think the camera is on them filled with sweetness.  We wrapped up April with them this year, spending last weekend along the ride with an incredible group of their friends and family.

Becca spent her morning smiling. There of course was work to be done, hair and makeup, places to be, and schedules to be met and broken, but what she did really was just smile.  The bridesmaids kept the air clear, and as her family arrived and began to fill in we could see that the day would be filled with plenty of emotions - so for the time being we just smiled along with them.  It wasn't until the two saw eachother that the day hit them both.  Josh managed to pull off looking suave as ever even with a few tears running down his cheeks when Becca first turned around to see him, and her instinct to reach out and wipe them left both of them needing a few minutes to just breathe.

Enter the ceremony where the families of these two both celebrated as they shared in their love and commitment and sealed it all with a prayer and a kiss.  The best part of the day was right around the corner. Not the reception, though we had a blast - but the very rare, and very special chance that Becca and Josh took to walk all the way from the ceremony to the reception.  It tried to sprinkle a bit, but umbrellas in hand the half mile walk gave them the time they needed to just hold hands and be alone.

The night from that point on was perfect. Dancing, and decor all pulled off without a hitch.  Everything from the tablescapes to the canoe in the side room for pictures was a hit and still the highlight of the day was that quick moment when the two walked out and strolled under one umbrella. Perfect wedding - GREAT couple. {miles}

Wedding Planner and Design - {Jessica Kersey}
Ceremony Venue - Central United Methodist Church {Fayetteville, Arkansas}
Reception Venue - East Square Plaza {Fayetteville, Arkansas}
Florals : Jules Design (Julie's one of our VERY favorite florists!)
Caterer : The Event Group 
Cakes: Shelby Lynn's 
Linen Rentals: BBJ Linens
Other Rentals : Eventures
Lighting: Event Production Group
Band : LaFuSo (SUCH a fun spin on funk music)
Video: Blue Horizon Video

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{TOMORROW} | looking forward. Short post today as all three of us are prepping for an incredible wedding tomorrow. We're blessed and overwhelmed with a long list of new ideas, new opportunities, new concepts, new clients, and new gear. But first - there's a couple who deserves the best, and we're so excited to be there with them on the big day.  Becca & Josh tie the knot tomorrow at Central United Methodist - a BEAUTIFUL church in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Check in early next week for a sneak-peek at this day.  We couldn't miss a chance to swoon a bit over their engagement shoot - again. {miles}

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{THE GOODS} Amber & Brad's Big Day. We promise we tried to narrow down our shots to just our favorites from this one.  A few weeks ago you might remember our day after post about Amber & Brad's wedding.  We spent the day down in Conway, Arkansas with these two at Hendrix Univeristy. Click {HERE} to see that post!  Well here we are, a month later and HUNDREDS of photos edited.  This wedding was full of glamour and style - hot pinks and whites dressed up with incredible florals and a whole group of stud groomsmen who were all about making sure the reception was a party.  Every detail was perfect - we bet you'll agree! {miles}

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Feel pretty, Look pretty {Laura's Ten} BRIDALS
1. Bring someone along that brings out the fun, flirty, playful, confident side in you. If mom stresses you out, it's okay to bring someone else. That way she gets to be surprised when the images are finished!
2. Get a good night sleep the day before. You and me both know you will feel like the best version of your self with 7-8 hours sleep under your belt.
3. Be that girl. Practice your smiles in the mirror for the week leading up to the shoot. You won't stress out about what your face looks like if you already know.
4. When planning your hair appointment, leave cushion time. We all know that nothing is more annoying than feeling pressured for time. So leave an hour or two extra in case you don't like what the hair dresser does the first time.
5. Bring along some pretty jewelry to glam up with. You don't have to look identical to how you will on the day of the wedding.
6. Do not over do the make up, there's no need to make it extra dark. We aren't America's Next Top Model here, Tyra wishes we were her photographers, sorry Nigel.
7. Play to the camera, if you look awkward, we will tell you. We all know that looking sexy is a good thing, so just go for it! You'll regret it if you don't.
8. Call your husband to be morning of the shoot. Flirt with him, get even more excited to be his wife. With thoughts fresh in your mind about how in love you are, your eyes will light up every time we mention his name, making for some killer photos!
9. Look over our latest bridals on the blog and on our website. Just feeling familiar with how the images will look will make you feel a little bit more comfortable.
10. It's simple, if you feel as pretty as you look, you're going to nail it. Trust us.

Keep it classy and live inspired - love Laura

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Standing OUT In A Crowd {love stories} | Britney & Brandon
When Britney met with me last year to talk through her wedding I thought she was crazy for pulling together 16 girls to be in her bridal party.  Match that with the 10 groomsmen and of course ushers and we were looking at a bridal party about the same size as a highschool football team.  The incredible part was how Britney and Brandon rose to the top.  In a HUGE crowd of their friends, all of which were great to be around and a lot of fun, Britney just GLOWED all day.  Their flirty fun relationship shows in every shot, and after a morning spent pulling together the details and making sure every girl looked just "right" we were off to the church.  The ceremony was beautiful - JUST long enough for people to settle in and enjoy the romance of it all, but short enough that nobody was left bored.  We were all over the church - shooting from I think more angles than I've ever had in a ceremony.

After the kiss and rings, we were off to the reception at East Square Plaza on the Fayetteville square, riding in a "party bus" big enough to take any respectable rock band across the country.  When we arrived in our tour bus it was off to the races, dances, cake, dinner, drinks, and Boom Kinetic - EASILY the loudest, most energetic band in this area and a must have for dozens of NWA brides each year.  We closed the night out with sparklers and a send off right after midnight.

Every minute was perfect you two! THANKS for having us - really a GREAT wedding! {miles}

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The One That Got Away {bridal sessions} | Joanna

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Garden Delight {SPRING LOVE STORY} | Catherine & Foster
This really was a unique and elegantly styled outdoor wedding.  Catherine and Foster were the perfect fit for the decore and vise versa.  Take a peek! And check back in soon for more! We're sure you'll be seeing a LOT of this wedding floating around! {miles}

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{LOVE STORIES} | Last Weekend... Amber & Brad So - just yesterday I teased on the blog with a few of Amber's bridal photos.  I typically don't have the chance to jump right ahead and get a few of the wedding day pics online right away, but this wedding really blew my mind with simple, elegant design, and a pretty perfect couple! Amber & Brad were fortunate enough, and smart enough, to bring in an incredible wedding planner and event designer - Drew Vanlandingham all the way from Washington DC to build out this incredible reception, as well as coordinate the entire day.  If you get a minute check out (and like) his facebook page {HERE}. His work really is pretty incredible.

ANYWAY - our day started perfectly slow and light hearted.  A cool little downtown Conway salon filled with modern decor and all the ladies in the wedding made a great backdrop for all the getting ready shots, and gave the girls a great place to hang out all morning.  We headed to Brad's parent's home a few minutes down the road to get Amber and all the girls dressed and then it was off to Hendrix University for all the fun shots, an EPIC first look session, and of course the ceremony.

After a short and sweet ceremony and a few minutes with family it was off to see the final product Drew had pulled together at Centennial Country Club.  There's so many photos to still show, and so much to say - but for now I'll let the photos attempt to do the day justice.  This wedding was PROOF that simple design and incredible lighting can set the stage for great photos.  After we ALL danced late into the night Amber & Brad ran through a massive line of sparklers and off to their honeymoon in Gulf Shores!  CONGRATS you two! 

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{BRIDAL}beautiful. Amber Relic | DAY AFTER
Of course there's SO much to say about my day down in Conway with these two - BUT I'll save all of that for a sneak-peek soon!  In the mean time, take a look at Amber's bridal session with us from a few weeks ago!  We were pretty much floored at how beautiful this dress was - of course it helps that Amber looks perfect in every picture.  

GREAT wedding, GREAT wedding party (one of the most fun weddings in a LONG time), GREAT family, and GREAT photos to come! THANKS! {miles}

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{THE DAY AFTER} Britney & Ryan I'm excited enough about this wedding to post a little peek of it while it's pretty fresh on my mind.  Yesterday Britney and Ryan tied the knot at one of our favorite local venues the Pratt Place Inn.  Britney's no stranger to the camera, you might recognize her from "Big Brother" and Ryan does an incredible job at matching her toe to toe with photogenic awesomeness.  This really was a fun, very laid back wedding - which is exactly what Britney had designed.  We spent most of the day focused on what was most important to her, other than Ryan of course : the photos! (no pressure right?) So - the day was organized really by where the best shots were going to be, and the result as I uploaded them and backed them up was something I just couldn't help but show right away.  Britney and Ryan on actually on a plane to France as I write - so I'm hoping this post catches them as a fun little peek and great way to start their honeymoon. AND for the rest of us, sit back and enjoy another PERFECTLY PRATT wedding - this one really was beautiful. {miles}

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Set The Bar {Laura's Ten} ENGAGEMENTS
Hey everyone. Laura here, so I wasn’t kidding when I said welcome to the craziness that is my life. This top ten list is been long in the making. The thoughts were here the whole time, just had to sit down and get it out there. So, everyone knows that just as soon as he pops the question all the friends, family, and you yourself are immediately in anticipation of the engagement pictures. Our goal: set the bar high. This shoot will get everyone that much more excited along with you and us for your big day. So take a look at this week’s top ten to make sure you’re ready for the beginning of all the fun.

Top ten things to think about before an engagement shoot:
1. Go on a date the morning of the shoot. Don't talk about wedding stuff. Flirt like it's your first date.
2. Wear clothes that make you feel cute but are comfortable enough to move in.
3. Man, win your girl over day of the shoot. Bring her roses, write her note, just do something that says "I love you, and I still don't know how I got you."
4. Plan for cushion time, 30 minutes before and after to cut out potential stress.
5. Coordinate but don't match. Look in the mirror together and see what you think. Go for magazine coordination rather than Brady Bunch family portrait matching.
6. Get a good nights sleep… (sounds like college exam day! hah). But rest will shine through in your eyes and flirtation in every image.
7. Be ready for anything. This shoot will be fun and relaxed. The more flexible you are, the more fun you'll have.
8. Stress, stress, stress. Common theme huh? We don't want you stressed out. So just trust us. We are going to take care of you!
9. Don't over think it, if you have fun and feel it, you'll see it in the photos.
10. Plan all of this the day before to avoid stress the day of.

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KEEP LOOKIN' UP {love stories} Lauren & Degen

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Heather & Dane {engagement sessions}

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Well hey there, I'm Laura
I am the newest addition to the team here with Miles and Melissa. To be honest, I am typically not very good at talking about myself, but Miles has insisted so here we go. My passion is for people and my art is photography. Combine the two and get a dream job. I'll be around soaking up the unique greatness that is Miles Witt Boyer and Melissa photography. I will be posting a top ten list consisting of varying topics. We'll have anything from the top ten wedding day necessities to the ten songs you must have on your iPod. To start off, here are the top ten things that make up the craziness that is my life:

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with editing photos. I reward a day of hard work with… more editing.
2. My favorite music ranges from bass filled rap to gentle instrumentals… and everything in between. With the exception of country.
3. Take me to dinner and buy me a steak and I will love you forever.
4. I’m going to be that old woman that holds book studies and discussions on a weekly basis.
5. Cleaning, organizing, and reorganizing are refreshing and calming activities that make my day better.
6. I’m a Dallas cowboys fan. Passionately. Super bowl 2013 here we come.
7. There is something about philosophers that I find strikingly attractive, not the old men with beards, but the men with classy attire, a philosophy book in hand, and a master’s degree under his belt.
8. I am a quarter Brazilian.
9. My ideal vacation includes a kayak, water, and either mountains or the beach.
10. When I cook and bake I feel like a housewife, and I love it.

So clearly the top ten is for all of you. What do you want to know? Comment on our Facebook wall or send us a tweet and keep a look out for the week your top ten idea gets posted. 

Now stay classy, and have an inspired day. - Love Laura
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THE {little} THINGS | so... us. It's no real secret that neither of us loves being on the shooting end of anyone's camera.  But over the holidays we had the chance to hang out with a few of our very favorite people my sister Meg and her husband Brad, (and of course two of the cutest little girls I know).  You all know Meg and Brad as "Two-Cups" the design firm that is cranking out some rockstar custom invites for our wedding clients as well as doing all kinds of custom design work from their homebase in Kentucky.  Right after New Years we took them out to take on the task of some new advertising shots for them, and a few just fun shots of the whole family - it wasn't long before Brad wanted to get his hands on one of our cameras.  The end result was just a few fun shots of what makes us - so... US! Alright - back to the right side of the camera and back to work - {miles}

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